Annual Giving Campaign

Receive the children in reverence. Educate them in love, Send them forth in freedom. 

The surest and most lasting way to bring positive, progressive change to the world is to educate our children well.
Waldorf education was founded 100 years ago in the wake of WWI as a social movement to help foster peace, compassion, and respect for the environment around the world.
Children who are taught as whole individuals through joy, creativity, and disciplined attention develop not only the ability to think broadly and critically but also the capacity to feel deeply and to get things done.
100 years on, the world is still in need of peaceful, compassionate adults who respect and cherish all that lives around them, humans, animals, and the earth.

South Shore Waldorf School Annual Giving Campaign

The SSWS Annual Giving Campaign is critical in helping our school meet its fundraising goals. The monies raised through the campaign go directly to our operating budget, helping to pay faculty and staff and supporting important programs such as tuition adjustment.

Waldorf education provides an academically rigorous curriculum enriched with arts, music, handwork, languages, and movement. As an education of the head, heart, and hands, Waldorf education helps children develop into well-rounded individuals, teaching them how to think rather than what to think.  Waldorf students develop the skills needed to meet future challenges, both personal and global.

This year our Annual Giving Campaign runs from December 3, 2019 until June 30, 2020. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000 with 100% participation of our community. As we have for the last 2 years, we will be donating 5% of the money we raise through our Annual Giving Campaign to a Waldorf-inspired school in Madagascar called the Madagascar School Project.

Please join with us in supporting the goals of Waldorf education and our school by donating to our Annual Giving Campaign.

How do I Make a Donation?

You can make your pledge by completing the downloadable pledge form and mailing your donation to:

Annual Giving Campaign
64 School Rd. P.O. Box 177
Blockhouse, NS
B0J 1E0

Or, you can click here to donate online through Canada Helps.

Why is the Giving Campaign necessary?

As an independent school we do not receive government funding. Tuition covers only a portion of the cost of educating a student; our Annual Giving Campaign helps us make up the difference between the actual cost of educating each student and the tuition charged. Tuition fees currently meet approximately 65% of the cost of operating our school. Fundraising and donations cover the remaining 35% (roughly $75,000). The Annual Giving Campaign is critical to helping us raise the additional funds required.

Why not raise tuition?

No independent school could charge the full cost of educating its students without making the cost of tuition prohibitive for all but the wealthiest parents. Hence every independent school has an annual giving appeal. One of the guiding principles at the South Shore Waldorf School is to make Waldorf education accessible to all who want it for their children. This is why it is important for us to keep our tuition as low as possible. We are proud to offer an accessible Waldorf Education.  All donations over $20 will receive a donation receipt.

Who supports the Annual Giving Campaign?

Every segment of the school community supports the Annual Campaign. Contributions come from board members, parents, grandparents & friends, alum parents, faculty, staff, and supporters of Waldorf education.

How Much Should I Give?

Whatever you are able to give. Regardless of the size of the donation, your participation in the Annual Giving Campaign demonstrates your support of the South Shore Waldorf School’s core values and mission. Every gift, no matter the amount, is received with gratitude and appreciation.

Contribute to our Annual Giving Campaign and support a natural school environment that inspires a life-long love of learning, enriched by arts, music, practical skills, movement, and play. 

See your donation at work!

Contact us at to arrange a visit, or come to our weekly Winter Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.