Class One

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For this age, our primary goal is to maintain the relationship of the students with their teacher.  My plan is to provide a touch of closeness with each child, but it really requires parents to be willing to connect. I am willing to provide videos, but I would mainly like to have personal interactions. I will do what I can to foster a sense of togetherness with me.

April 20, 2020

I have represented this story in an audio format. I have also included a pdf of the story, which you may choose to reread with your child. I hope the story will speak to the children’s experience.

The Captain and Her Golden Compass

Listen to the Story
Read the Story 


April 6, 2020

Dear Class One Parents,

Here are two new videos for the children. Thank you for understanding that this is a simple offering. It comes from my devotion to the children, and is executed without any particular personal expertise. The curative story is a work in progress, and it will be repeated over the coming week as it unfolds.



Healing and connection are the only two things we need from someone who is willing to listen to us speak,” 

– Krsnanandini Dasi-Ziyad

March 23 – April 6, 2020

My latest video involves some well-known and much beloved friends. I hope it will encourage the children to see that I can still be counted on, even though we seem to be divided for a spell. Even though current circumstances have taken away the opportunity to see the children daily, I don’t feel like we are any less together as a group. These days will skip by if we multiply our gratitude for the times we have been together.


I have prepared two new videos for the children. One contains a modest song and dance number, the other is a brief lesson in sentence writing. I am sure the children will know just how to respond in both cases.

My Song for Inner Peace 


A New Sentence to Practice 


Here is a video for the children, containing a short story. 

I have often been informed by the children, particularly the girls, that it is acceptable for men to wear dresses. When they have brought up the topic in class, they assured me that they would be very accepting of me if I ever wore a dress. While my attire in this video is not what they may have thought about when they made their remarks, I hope they enjoy what they see and hear!

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