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April 20, 2020


More stories:


Kahoali – Hawaii

A legend from Hawaii today. Meet Kahoali, Kana, Nihew and their grandmother, Uli.



Whisper Woman


Today, the story of ‘The Whisper Woman’! Before you listen to the new story, what can you remember of the Hawaiian story about how two young men brought the sun, moon and stars back to the sky? Good for you if you can remember anything, as that was 5 days ago!



The Children and the One



The Whistle and the Rain



A story for today about a special birthday!



A Place Value Math Game

Ones, tens, hundreds, thousands


Materials: a deck of cards that only goes up to 9. The ace represents 1. Remove all the 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings

Object of the game: to end up with the most cards

Object of each hand: to arrange your cards in such a way that you have the highest number you could have.

Players: any number of players up to 5 can play.

To Begin: 

  • shuffle and put a deck of cards in the middle between the players.
  • each player takes one card, and doesn’t show it to anyone, go around the circle with each player taking a card and then a second card until each player has 2 cards.
  • Each player decides how to place those two cards so that he/she will have the largest number.
  • Each player displays their number and the person with the greatest number takes all the cards.
  • Continue until there are no more cards left  
  • The player with the most cards wins that round.

Note: we are not adding the numbers together but arranging them-example: cards 4,7, would be arranged to be 74 as that is higher than 47.

Variations: (a) make the highest number you can from among 3 or 4 cards, (b) make the lowest number from among 2, 3, or 4 cards



April 7, 2020



This week we will change our storytelling from the Old Testament, to legends from other cultures. We need to leave some of the Old Testament for Grade 3-4 next year.


How Glooscap Brings Summer to the Land


The Determination of the Seasons



Read aloud books


I’ve got a wonderful adventure story for you to read aloud.  It’s called ‘TAL His Marvellous Adventures with Noom-Zor-Noom’ and it’s written by Paul Fenimore Cooper. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Chapter 1 


I thought this would be a fun book as it’s modern and helps us to understand the mind of a young boy who is a little different than most. It’s the story of a boy called Bat, who wants to raise a skunk baby as a pet.

Chapter 1 & 2  

March 23 – 27, 2020

The Grades 2-3 will be continuing our wondrous journey through the powerful stories of the Old Testament, via video.
Through our Google Classroom, we’ll have math practice sheets, riddles and puzzles, ideas for hands on measurement activities, our read aloud story, our list of the signs of spring that each of you are seeing, and a place to share photographs of some of what you are doing at home.
There will be no pressure to hand in work, but I’ll respond to anything that is put up on our Google Classroom page.
Let’s have some fun!

The story of Samuel

The story of Joshua

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