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March 30 – April 3, 2020

Here is the story of King David, probably the most famous of all the Kings of Israel. He wrote poems and songs, called the psalms, that fill a whole section of the Bible. He knew what it felt like to be loved by all and also what it felt like to feel guilty and very sorry. David knew great success and great tragedy, and his life certainly wasn’t easy.


Today, I’d like you to discover the 7 times tables. You’ll need a lot of little things to put out on the table of floor to make your array. You can use stones like me, or cheerios, beans, nuts or anything small enough to put 7 of them in 12 rows. You will need a lot of them and a lot of space!

Begin by making one column (line) of 7. Then beside it, make another column of 7. Keep the lines perfectly lined up so that it’s easy to know that you have exactly 7 in each column. Keep going until you have 12 columns of 7.

Now it’s time to count. Begin at the top of the first column and when you get to the bottom, write down the number you are at on a piece of paper, or below each column if you have something you can write on (i.e., masking tape). Keep on counting……. I hope you don’t have a cat or little sister who likes to play with your stuff, or this could be tough!

When you finish you should have the skip counting 7’s like 7,14,…….on your paper. Then you can check if the numbers that you discovered of the 7 x tables are the same as in my flower (that I’ll attach later). Good Luck!!

Here is our Old Testament story for today. You remember the young boy who was tending the sheep yesterday? He is in this story too. The story of David and Goliath. It is a cliff hanger to be finished tomorrow.

David and Goliath

Saul, the first King of the Israelites

March 23 – 27, 2020

The Grades 2-3 will be continuing our wondrous journey through the powerful stories of the Old Testament, via video.
Through our Google Classroom, we’ll have math practice sheets, riddles and puzzles, ideas for hands on measurement activities, our read aloud story, our list of the signs of spring that each of you are seeing, and a place to share photographs of some of what you are doing at home.
There will be no pressure to hand in work, but I’ll respond to anything that is put up on our Google Classroom page.
Let’s have some fun!

The story of Samuel

The story of Joshua

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