Group Speerville Mills Order 

The South Shore Waldorf School organizes regular bulk food orders to provide access to healthy, wholesome food to the parents and friends of the school. 

Our Kindergarten Lunch and Snack Program benefits directly from these orders! The more we buy as a group, the more of a discount we get on our orders. The difference between what you pay for you order and our discounted total goes directly back to the Kindergarten for the food needed for the children. This program is really beneficial to the Kindergarten and we hope you will join us in our upcoming orders! 

We need to order at least $600 worth of product (total order) to get free shipping and the more we order the greater the discount and therefore the greater the fundraiser for the Kindergarten! 

How it works: Look through the Speerville Catalogue – see below- and send your order to with your name, email address, product name, price and quantity and totals.

For Example:

John Smith,
7-grain cereal case (12x910g) $43.48
Coconut Oil Case (6x454g) $63.16
Corn Kernals 10KG $25.50 x 2 = $51.00

TOTAL ORDER = $157.64

A confirmation that your order was received, accurate totals and secret password (for you to use for an Email Money Transfer) will be sent to you so you can send funds to the school to pay for your order.

Please send your email transfer to:

A South Shore Waldorf School volunteer then adds up the totals and send the order to Speerville Mills in New Brunswick. 

When the order arrives you will be notified and can come pick up your order at the school.


the catalogue