The Waldorf Kindergarten is designed to foster the natural curiosity and wonder of the young child.  It recreates the environment of a warm and loving home: rhythmically, repetitive and secure.  Through a carefully unified program of structured and unstructured activities, the child is encouraged to give full scope to his or her creative faculties.  The warm and supportive atmosphere of the kindergarten also helps the child to develop social skills and self-confidence.

The child is engaged in domestic, practical and artistic activities:  For example, baking, gardening, handcrafts, and painting.  The child’s power of fantasy, peculiar to this age, is nurtured in the telling of carefully selected stories.  Free play encourages the children to experience many aspects of life more deeply.  Toys used are made of natural materials together with other objects from nature.

An attitude of love and reverence towards nature is cultivated.  In the daily and weekly rhythms of school life and through the celebration of seasonal festivals, the child’s connection to the living world that sustains us is maintained and strengthened.

Opening times: Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm and Friday 9am – 1:30pm


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