Early Childhood

MONIKA WILDEMANN – Chickadee Hollow Kindergarten Teacher / Forest Fridays Teacher / Faculty Co-Chair
Moni came to the South Shore Waldorf School as a parent, a trained artist, and puppeteer. She worked in professional theatre and taught art and theatre to young people for many years. Her appreciation for Waldorf education grew as she watched her own daughter blossom as she moved from kindergarten to the upper grades. Monika’s life long passion of puppetry and story telling, working with young children and the community made the decision to become a Waldorf teacher a perfect fit. Monika gained her Waldorf Early Childhood Certification through the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. She has been teaching full time in the Kindergarten at SSWS for the past 8 years and prior to her current position was a specialty and supply teacher for 5 years.

KAITLIN BROWN – Robin’s Nest Kindergarten Teacher

Kaitlin had her first experiences with Waldorf education in 2007 while volunteering for the Sisonke school in Port St John’s, South Africa. From there she deepened her own understanding of Waldorf education by being part of the community of diverse Waldorf schools in South Africa and taking week-long intensives in puppetry, permaculture for children, coyote mentoring (nature connection), a Waldorf art-of-teaching program, and by running her own home program for children ages one to five. She then studied early childhood education through 
Grande Prairie Regional College and took the Waldorf Early Childhood teacher training at the West Coast Institute. She enjoys gardening, tending her fibre animals and milk goats, beekeeping, and homemaking. She home-schooled her three children until the whole family joined the South Shore Waldorf School in 2019.

MARGARET FORSEY – Parent and Tot

Margaret Forsey runs the Parent and Tot program at the South Shore Waldorf School. She is also the Kindergarten Assistant, and teaches weekly handwork classes to the Robin’s Nest children.

Margaret graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 2006. She spent many years teaching art to children at camps, art galleries, farmer’s markets, and community centres. She also worked for many years as a private childcare provider, and trained as a birth doula.

In 2013, Margaret completed the Anthroposophical Foundation Course with the East Coast Institute for Studies in Anthroposophy. In 2015, she completed the Birth to Three: Home Caregiver Program with the same Institute.

Margaret loves working at the South Shore Waldorf School! She enjoys how her job allows her to explore her interests in babies, early childhood education, art, craft, singing, story telling, nature, and nourishing food.


JACOB DOUCETTE- Grade 1 & 2 Teacher

Mr. Doucette is a native Nova Scotian from Halifax. He earned his B.A. from the University of Kings’ College (2009) and his B.Ed. from the University of Calgary (2016). He has taught in charter and private schools in Alberta, and the kindergarten position at the Calgary Waldorf School was his most recent placement before returning to the Maritimes last summer. He has three children ages 2 to 6.

MARGOT ALDRICH – Grades 3&4 Teacher

Margot was first introduced to Waldorf at the age of 7 and experienced Waldorf handwork every summer as part of her musical training programs. She has had a distanced experience of Steiner’s philosophies and the Anthroposophic Community throughout her life.  Over the past 3 years, as a result of extensive travel and exposure to Waldorf schools in far-flung parts of the world, Margot has felt an increasing calling to become more immersed in Waldorf and to educate herself on the teachings and philosophy of the method, as well as to delve into Foundation Studies. She is currently doing her Waldorf teacher training to add to her life experience of teaching children. 
As a life long professional violist, playing in orchestras all over the world and many chamber music groups, as well as teaching violin and viola, Margot thinks creatively and music is the backdrop for everything she does and is. She feels particularly strongly that musical rhythm is a solid vessel for all types of learning and for measuring the flow of our days. She is also bilingual in French and will be able to create french experiences with the children. 
Finally, Margot loves to laugh and loves to find joy and humour in anything she can!  Margot feels deeply, and has a profound regard for the children’s life-setting experience in the classroom, and with their teacher as they transition gently and lovingly from Ms. Lucking to Ms. Margot.  We are thrilled to have Ms. Margot join our team as of the 2020-2021 school year.

KERRY EADY – Grades 5&6 Teacher / Pedagogical Coordinator
Kerry attended York University and the Ontario College of Art and Design where she discovered Waldorf education as an extension of her interests in Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Chekov, Hilma AF Klint, and Joseph Beuys. She was a Waldorf inspired homeschooler for many years and coordinated several Waldorf homeschool co-ops in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia before moving to Lunenburg County to enroll her children at the South Shore Waldorf School. She was invited to teach handwork and run the aftercare and summer programs in 2013 and then joined faculty as a class teacher in 2016. She is currently finishing her Waldorf Teacher Training through the Sophia Institute. She is keenly interested in fostering the arts as a way towards creating truly inclusive communities.


TIA MUSHKA – Grades 7&8 Teacher (Faculty co-chair), 

Tia Mushka has been teaching at Waldorf and Waldorf-inspired schools for the past nine years, including five at the South Shore Waldorf School in Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. Previous to that, she taught at the Trillium Waldorf School in Guelph, Ontario and Applegate School in Paisley, Ontario. She received her Bachelor of Education at UBC in Vancouver, and her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Brigham Young University. Tia was led to Waldorf Education when she researched and wrote an essay on Spirituality in Education. Tia has taken the Foundation Studies at the South Shore Waldorf School, Waldorf Grades Intensive courses through the Rudolph Steiner Centre in Toronto, and other online courses. Tia is also an artist, writer, and illustrator and stone carver.

Subject Teachers

Do you have an interest, hobby, talent, or passion that you would like to share with the younger generation? Maybe you are trying to create a course and would like to try it out? The South Shore Waldorf School is looking for creative people to teach a four to six week block at our school to children from Grade 1-8. We would welcome any topic, but some ideas might be art, ecology, creative writing, cooking, outdoor physical activities, drama, building methods, (outdoor pizza oven anyone?) It would be about ten classes per week. Class sizes are small, ranging from 8 to 14 children.

Please send a short proposal with your ideas to faculty@waldorfns.org


CAITLIN ROONEY – School Development & Enrolment Coordinator:
Caitlin first encountered Waldorf Education while studying interdisciplinary fine arts and design at NSCAD university. When her eldest child was approaching her third birthday, Caitlin and her growing family moved to the South Shore so that the children could attend SSWS. Caitlin became immediately involved in the life of the school, having been asked to organize a Parent Association to start formalizing the parent body as one of the pillars in the organizational structure. Caitlin joined the staff of SSWS as Administrative Manager in July 2015. She has a diverse background and a passion for Waldorf education. She is a mother of three children, a member  of the Anthroposophic society, an active gardener, animal lover and artist.  She is currently completing an MBA at the Rowe School of Business.

Board of Trustees

As one of our longest-standing association members, Ross has supported the South Shore Waldorf School as a member of the board and as board chair and through many fundraising efforts for over twenty years. The school receives ongoing financial support from the revenues of the Airstream Café, which Ross and Rita Landgraf run solely to raise funds for the school. Ross also continues his support through ongoing work on the Buildings and Grounds Committee and overall as an elder in our community.

Paula has been involved in Waldorf schools for fourteen years and has served on the board of two schools including SSWS. She loves our school deeply and is committed to being part of its ever strengthening being. She is logical, committed to listening more than talking, and has a good sense of many aspects of school life from being involved in the life of SSWS over the last eight years. She lives in Blockhouse, teaches English in Lunenburg, and has completed the foundations in anthroposophy Foundations Course.



Andràs is part-time faculty and PhD scholar in Educational Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. His research focuses on lifelong, in-depth learning, and critical thinking. Prior to entering the academy, Andràs was a Waldorf teacher for fifteen years, during which time—next to teaching—he undertook various projects within the anthroposophical movement that had impact on curriculum development and leadership frameworks. He sees Steiner’s holistic approach as a means to humanize society and a platform to promote rich learning experiences; critical, clear, imaginative, and flexible thinking; art, excellence, creativity, engagement, and ethics in education.


Kathy first came to SSWS seeking to gain some experience in the workings of a Waldorf school, eventually joining our staff, in order to bring the learning back to Madagascar.  The young school that the Madagascar School Project founded in this poverty-stricken country was wishing to transform into a Waldorf school. With no parent-body to support such a transition, and no role models in-country, much work would have to be done to help the teachers grow into becoming life-long learners and creative leaders in their classrooms.  Her work with the Madagascar School Project earned her a Governor General Award for Meritorious Service.

Kathy holds a Waldorf Teacher Certificate from the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto. During her twenty-three years as a primary school teacher in Ontario she took summer courses in order to try to bring some of the healing effects of a Waldorf education to her public school classroom.  She holds a B.A. and B.Ed. from the University of Ottawa in primary, junior, and intermediate grades, with additional qualifications in Special Education and Physical Education. She is also a qualified Reading Recovery teacher.

At the end of the 2019-2020, Ms. Lucking stepped away from teaching full time.  We are grateful she continues to be involved with our school as a mentor to our faculty, a substitute teacher, and now as a member of our Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees also includes the following faculty members:

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