The Tuition Adjustment program (TA) has been an important part of the South Shore Waldorf School since it began in 1996. It has always been a foundation principle of our school that we strive to make attendance available for all families who value Waldorf Education, within the limits of the school’s resources.  Those resources are not only financial but also derived from the in kind contributions of members of the school community in support of the health and operation of the school.

“The archetype of the human community on earth is that groups do not come about in order that an individual receives something for himself, but so that people form each other, and each person advances the development of others.”

– Bernard Lievegood


In accordance with CRA rules and regulations (Guide IT75R4 and the Income Tax Act section 56) tuition adjustment is seen as a Bursary (CRA definition: A bursary is an amount paid or benefit given for students, to enable them to pursue their education). A T4a will be issued, by the Treasurer, at the end of the tax year for any amount of assistance received over $500, as per the enrollment contract, and will be issued in the child’s name. In these cases, we will need your child’s Social Insurance Number. If you haven’t done so already, please apply for a SIN number for your child.


Tuition adjustment awards cannot be made to any family who has a past due or arrears balance owing to the South Shore Waldorf School. A payment plan for paying down any past due balance must first be agreed with the Administrator prior to a Tuition Adjustment application being reviewed by the Tuition Adjustment Committee. If you are in arrears, please make an appointment with the Administrator before submitting your application.


Minimum Cash Contribution

In any given year a family can apply for a credit of up to 50% of the tuition fees. This can be in the form of work credits and/or tuition adjustment and includes sibling discounts (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis). The balance of the tuition fees and supplies/building fees are payable through one lump payment or monthly payments as agreed at the time of enrolment.

Work Credits

In order to help make Waldorf education more accessible the SSWS offers a number of janitorial, subject teaching and Airstream work credits each year. If you are interested in work credits and what they entail you can contact the Admin Manager. In order to apply for one please complete the application form in the enrollment pack.